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Mechanization and displacement, dehumanization and defacement, the scattering of diseases of the mind throughout the planet,  the powers to bring people together to work for or be thrust toward a common humiliation has resulted in unprecedented, often cute, expressions of cruelty, novelties of mania, the species become as one giant infant with an array of exotic toys, a boomeranging of knowledge, the study of physics leading to, the study of chemistry leading to, the study of philosophy leading to, all studies leading to infiniform degradation, and the predictable revolt of the survivors, who have formed an apocalyticon of antecedents for those who today revolt in their various ways, like their predecessors ultimately mysteriously, without coherence, without allegiance, without hope.

Apocalypticon 1  Vitomil Zupan

rudi_seligo_foto-joze-suhadolnik 635521807102423097_vitomil_zupan

Apocalypticon 2  Jaroslav Hašek


Apocalypticon 3  Woody Guthrie


Apocalypticon 4  Antonio Lobo Antunes


Apocalypticon 5  Franz Kafka, begging the question: Is there an order to these semblances? Yes, numerical. Is there meaning to the order? Of course not.

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Apocalypticon 6  Francois Rabelais

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7 Julio Coratazar

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8  Tristan Tzara

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9  Lisa Chen

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10  Blaise Cendrars

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11  Frida Kahlo

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12  Obeyd e Zakani


13  Dmitri Shostakovich

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14  Alfre Schnittke

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15   Uncle Ho

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16  James Joyce

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17  Samuel Beckett

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18   Flann O’Brien

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19  Emma Goldman

images (11)

20  Can Themba

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21  Brendan Behan

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22  Hunter Thompson

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23  Mohammed Ali


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24  Sofia Gubaidulina

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25  Groucho

download (9) images (19)images (20)outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend, inside of a dog it’s too dark too read

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26  Daša Drndić



Milorad Pavić

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28  Fernand Braudel

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29  Picasso

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30 Henry Miller


31 For Conversation in the Cathedral, Mario Vargas Llosa…but I could not bear to post his face, so Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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32 Miguel Angel Asturias
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33 Juan Rulfo
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34 Robert Walser
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35  Max Frisch
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36 Remy de Gourmont
37 Brecht
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38 Alfred Doblin
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39  Onetti
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40 Zora Neale Hurston
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41 Scott Coffel
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42 Remedios Varo
Ishmael Reed
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William Gaddis
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Alvaro Mutis
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46 Roberto Arlt
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47 Miguel Marmol
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4 Dead in Ohio! 1932: 30,000 dead in El Salvadaor, Marmol survived…

2 comments on “Apocalypticon

  1. Exeter, of Metaluna says:

    We have no souls of this quality on my planet…


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