How To Buy Arjun and the Good Snake through Paypal, a customer’s report

For those who want to order Arjun from Rick using PayPal, you will need to set up your own PayPal account if you do not have one. You need an e-mail address and it is simple and it is secure. You can set it up to use a bank account or debit or credit cards to remit your payment.Once you set up the account, to send money to Rick, you just tell PayPal that you want to send it to Slovenia and decide what currency you want to use. You also have the choice of saying you are buying something or that you are sending money to “friends and family”. If you say you are buying something they charge the other party. If you say you are sending it to friends/family, they charge you. The fee is based upon the amount sent and whether the money is sent from a bank account or by a credit/debit card. Fees for bank accounts are very small (17 cents on $34) but a bit higher with a card ($1.63 on $34)
The notifications are done by e-mail so you put in your e-mail address and Rick’s e-mail address. No bank account or credit card information is transmitted by e-mail.
Once you choose currency, set dollar amount, etc, the next page allows you to send a message in the e-mail that tells the recipient that he has received money through PayPal. Send the message (and the money) and you get a notice in your e-mail in-box and Rick gets the notice in his e-mail in-box.



now available as an e-book on amazon for 3.00 dollars or euros…

3 comments on “How To Buy Arjun and the Good Snake through Paypal, a customer’s report

  1. maci says:

    If i only understand a word from Your books Rick…im too stupid for this:( But I promise Ill buy one! Maci from Strechin


    • rickharsch says:


      i think you just go to paypal on google, write what you want to buy, they send me an email with your comment and address, the next day i mail it–i don’t think you really have to join paypal, just pay them


  2. rickharsch says:

    The above ads are not my doing. WordPress does it because I haven’t bought a no ad upgrade.


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