James Joyce–Trouble in Piran

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Back when the Parenzana made trips along the coast easy for roving drinkers, back in 1910, James Joyce found himself in Piran one night, and as he was an avid drinker, a thirsty fellow and sociable, he spent the night–outside, passed out, awakening with his head on the cold marlstone. That night marked his life. The eye problems that led to his eventual blindness came from an infection he contracted that night.

But is there a sign about it in Piran? A statue? A statue of a sleeping, drunken Joyce would bring in hundred of tourists, hard drinking, at the very least. But will Piran take action? I approached some city afficianados with this fragment of literary history twelve years ago, wrote an article for Primorske novice, and the issue was dropped, ignored.

Will the officials of Piran remain blind as a joyce?

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