Can you ear me?


Last Wednesday at Hangar Bar over by the marina, I got a concussion and some 4 cm of stitches, thanks to some guy I have been told goes by the nickname Žvaki. Last night I finally got the chance to interview the one sound witness to the event, making a concerted effort not to listen to rumors or leap to conclusions. So what happened was I went from the little beer garden into the bar and from my right came this fellow who took exception to my nationality and–according to the bartender, I was not in the least guilty of anything, nor even particularly drunk–lacking a better idea grabbed me acalappela and flung me head-first into the blackboard whenceupon I blacked out and somehow got an incredible three slitted lobal injury along with a fascinating concussion which had my brain resetting every minute or two or three.

Just now I am weighing my options. A lot of people are telling me the guy belongs in jail. The waitress told me he visited her at work two days ago and asked her not to tell the police what happened. That tipped the scales for me.

I should add that the same waitress was coldcocked a couple weeks ago. Different person, but known to the barfolk.

3 comments on “Can you ear me?

  1. Sandy Snyder says:

    An obvious suggestion is that you stay out of bars.


    • rickharsch says:

      I’m a social animal. Besides, being in the bar did not cause the problem. This place is a sort of safe haven, where I have never witnessed so much as a shouting match, where people are always friendly, where I have met a lot of people, where I have been able to practice speaking Slovene. There is a hint of blaming the victim in your suggestion, which rather surprises me.


  2. płoty says:

    Sаlutujemy na ścianie Okrążenia ѕpośród Јaкością – Paweł Wróbel.


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