Further earregular happenings

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So yesterday I was at Bariera in the afternoon having Engish discussion class, and the proprietor asked me if I had seen my assailant, Žvaki, and I said I don’t even know what he looks like. The proprietor said But he’s driven past five times. A few minutes later he said Rick, that’s him, and I got a glimpse of the face of the driver of a toyota, olive color I think, who passed and as Sončno nabrežje is a dead end passed again on his way ‘out’. After ten minutes I went to visit the consulate that gave him a passport to relieve my bladder, and there he was again, on his way out. So, having a lot on my mind, including this email:

‘Listen Rick,

my friend told me that this guy is a psycho and he is looking for troubles like the recent one very often.A lot of them would rather see him behind bars.I’m not suuggesting anything I just want you to take care.’

I decided after my student left to order a beer and await his next passing, at which point I would attempt to flag him down to see if we could settle this matter peaceably and without the law. But he didn’t pass by again, and the only argument I have heard against going to the law is that it might cause more trouble with him. That seems a rather ignoble reason to do nothing, and also brings no guarantee of peace. So I have an appointment with a lawyer tomorrow morning.

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