Cynicism Management

Cynicism Management is a band and a writer and sometimes co-writer, two Slovenes huddled now in Berlin, Borut Praper and Monika Fritz–He, they, have written two something like cyber punk novels in English, both extremely smart and funny and each aligns with an album/cd, and for this second one I am particularly taken with the music (by the way, there are surely others in the band who deserve credit, but go to them and their pages from here and find out more). Currently this tune is my favorite of theirs. Ask Borut for the books…buy the music, or whatever one does these days, buy yes, to keep these people just above the poverty line so they can remain at large in the city of Brad Pitts and other richipsters from the US who are driving up rents in the City of Angelas.

Listen to it twice at once if you like:

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