While I invite you to continue reading the fiction I post, I again interrupt with a geography quiz.The answer will be posted in two days.

Sorry about the formatting: 4 through 7 should be A through D

Geography quiz 2

Woops. Two of number 4 or 8 are islands.

  1. Which is farther north, Pinsk or Minsk?
  2. Name the five ex-USSR ‘stans’.
  3. How many islands are partially Malaysian?
  4. O
  5. 1
  6. More than one
  7. More than ten
  8. Which of these is an island: Penang, Phuket, Singapore?
  9. How many Middle Eastern countries are landlocked, not counting the West Bank, not considering Armenia to be in the Middle East?
  10. Gaborone is the capitol of which country?
  11. After WWII, the Poles had to leave L’viv if they wanted to remain in Poland. More settled in Wroclaw than any other city. Did they go west northwest or west southwest?
  12. Is Prague closer to the Baltic or the Mediterranean?
  13. Tunis is closest to which of these cities in longitude: Vienna, Berlin, Oslo?
  14. Which is bigger, France or Zimbabwe?

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