Answers to Geography quiz #2

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  1. Minsk is farther north than Pinsk by a long distance in Belorussian standards.
  2. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
  3. At least two islands are part Malaysian. This was supposed to be a trick question, the answer being only Borneo, but I found from a fellow who got 7 right that there is at least one more. At this point I have no idea if there are two or five thousand. (Of course most of you immediately thought, SEBATIK!!! of course! and Borneo!…)
  4. All three are islands, but when I wrote the test, I had a brain collapse and thought only Penang was an island. It’s very embarrassing.
  5. None of the Middle Eastern countries I could find were landlocked. I had to check on Jordan, though. It has a Slovene coast type of sliver of sea.
  6. Botswana is the host of Gaborone, pronounced with an h sound, not an English style g or g.
  7. Wroclaw is more northern in latitude than L’viv.
  8. Most fans of geography wished for Prague to be closer to the Mediterranean, and maybe one day we can arrange that, but as of now it is closer to the Baltic.
  9. Tunis lines up well with Oslo.
  10. France is nearly twice as big as Zimbabwe. This was supposed to throw you into confusion, thinking well, Zimbabwe is actually rather small, but Africa is so damn big…

Thanks for your attention, and please start thinking ahead to the next quiz, when we will explore such questions as where was Chernowitz last seen…

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