Geographicus interruptus

Geography Test #3

Answers will be posted in two days

Geography Quiz #3

  1. The deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean is closest to which island?

-Puerto Rico

-St. Helena

-Candlemas (South Sandwich chain)


  1. In which Indian state is Mumbai?
  2. Which is largest?

– Cuba

– Iceland

– Mindanao

– Liechtenstein

  1. In which country is there a place that gets more rain than any place in the other three countries?

– India

– U.S.

– Canada

– Papua New Guinea

  1. Lake Baikal is closest in longitude to which of these cities?

– Vishakapattanam

– Rangoon

– Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Which is farther north, Istanbul or Oran?
  2. Which writer was born farther south, the Chilean Pablo Neruda or the South African Can Themba?
  3. Which of these countries does the equator not pass through?

– Brazil

– Peru

– Colombia

– Venezuela

  1. Which is farther north, Hawaii or Taiwan?
  2. The United States has never invaded or been involved in invading:

– Grenada

– Panama

– Africa

– Bangladesh

– Japan

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