Geography Answers

Time ran out early.

Here are the geography answers:

1. Puerto Rico even has its own TRENCH!

2. Because so often non-USers apologize for getting US states wrong, I decided maybe some people ought to know what state one of India’s three biggest cities is in. It’s in Maharashtra.

3. I started this quiz the moment I saw how high Cuba rated among the largest islands in the world. It’s really big.  Bigger than Andorra.

4. The clever student of geography guesses the US because of Hawaii, or Canada because of its odd western coastline; and they are right to be suspicious of the question. The answer, though, is India, for its Meghalaya, where the rain drains down to Bangladesh, of course.

5. One longitudinal question per quiz. This one gave me an excuse to disinter Rangoon, one of my favorite capitol city names when it was one.

6. Istanbul is farther north. But I had to check, hoping some place in the north of Africa was farther north.

7. Another disappointment. Neruda was born south of Santiago by some hundreds of miles (370 kms) and Can Themba simply couldn’t. I should have chosen an Australian maybe. No, a Tasmanian, southern.

8. The equator passes through Colombia and Brazil, but not the other two. I found out it didn’t pass through Peru and that’s when I decided it would be a good question.

9. This wasn’t meant to be a trick question; in fact, just a half hour ago I examined the two close enough to realize they overlap. Taiwan is the better answer…or is Hawaii? Depends how you think about it.

10. The US has done dark deeds in each place. The right answer is ‘Are you kidding me?’

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