Tsutsugamushi: Is a Comeback in the Offing?

Tsutsugamushi is a febrile disease caused by mites, which in itself is not a matter for concern. But, and be calm here, there is a chance that the treatment for tsutsugamushi, fairly standard antibiotics, will soon be utterly useless, as this week we have found that a microbial strain has developed that is immune to all known antibiotics. This tends to make the medical community think that perhaps the microbial apocalypse is nigh.



  1. Be sure your community has an effective mite control unit. Remember, not all mites are bad mites, and no good will come of killing inoffensive mites.
  2. Stop taking antibiotics for sprains, rugby injuries, acne, anxiety, ess (excess of saliva syndrome), tenderness in the ribs, reflexively after coitus, and so on. In other words, be sure doctor is coordinating efforts with the World Health Organisation.
  3. Eventually, and the sooner the better, you will need to find an Indian doctor. There is likely one in your community already or at least in the nearest city with a population of 50,000 or more. Indian doctors have the most experience with creature borne diseases as well as the longest tradition of effective healing in general. You will be surprised to find how many times the cure to your health problem disappears with a change in your point of view.


Yes, it is.


No, there is much more, but I would not exhaust readers with a comprehensive presentation. I will, however, answer any and all questions.


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