Geography Lighter Quiz

1.Which of these cities is not in Uzbekistan?






15.Which of these cities is not on the Black Sea?





  1. What is the smallest country in EITHER continental Africa OR Africa including islands?


  1. What is the only country in the western hemisphere whose name officially begins with “The.”?


  1. Where is the highest lake in the world? We are taught Titicaca (that could be a phrase–I went to Harvard, but I learned titicaca), but I was looking for the second, thinking Himalayas, and it turns out all of the highest are in the Andes and Tibet, though they differentiate between lakes and pools. Lake Titcaca is merely the highest large lake in the world.
  2. What is the fifth largest Japanese island?

6.Which two countries are Nordic countries but not Scandinavian countries?



3.Which country is a Fennoscandian country but not a Nordic country?



4.What three countries border Africa’s largest lake?




2.What are their capitals?

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