Geography Lighter Answers

  1. It’s pretty amazing that Uzbekistan has three of these legendary cities in it. Dushanbe isn’t one of them, though it’s very close, in neighboring Tajikistan.
  2. (15) Gallipoli is not on the Black Sea–it’s right where the Dardanelles meets the Sea of Marmara. The Gallipoli of WWI fame must refer to the territory (Gelibolu)
  3. (9) Africa’s smallest is The Gambia, or if you include islands, then Seychelles
  4. (10) The Bahamas get an article, just like The Gambia. Many ought to have them, like The Ukraine, The Namib. But our researchers find that technically only The Bahamas and The Gambia actually do. But no in the Slavic.
  5. The highest lake in the world is in Argentina, on the border with Chile. It’s a small one without a name, but is indeed considered a lake and not a pool.
  6. The fifth largest Japanese island is Okinawa, whether the US marines like it or not.
  7. (6) Nordic countries that are not Scandinavian: there really aren’t any in the strictest sense. But our researchers eliminate both Finland and Iceland, primarily on linguistic grounds.
  8. (3) Fennoscandian is about as legitimate as Fenugreek as far as I’m concerned. I prefer the Baltic Shield rather than the awkward Fennoscandian. Russia probably does to, not being Nordic. Though the nords are more entwined with the Rus more so than either would care to admit. If only Alexander Nevsky had been named Igor.
  9. (4) Lake Victoria borders Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.
  10. (2) Their capitols are Kampala, Nairobi, and Dodoma.

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