O Trinkova

Chapter 26      O Trinkova

In English we would call you Ivan Trinko Street

But you deserve better.

We don’t want people asking us who you were, Mr. Trinko,

For even though you were a Roman Catholic priest, A poet, a writer, a philosopher, a translator, a

linguist, a critic, a composer–

Not to mention a painter–

When I asked a poet about you she said

‘It doesn’t matter.’


Maybe you did too much.


Let us look at the benighted beginning of your street:



I made the picture small as if I were your grandchild

And I loved you

Because where a triangle of freedom opened up on Gregorčičeva

Where you were interesting

Going two directions at once

Perhaps a poet flank past that little round sign

And a philosopher flank to the left that takes us down close to the sea

Where you had your opportunity they put a garbage kennel

You deserved better.


Down you go! Go, Ivan, go!

Unless you need to stop first to dump your garbage

Or hop on your motorcycle and come back up.

As you know, translators go both ways

And critics sometimes have to escape in haste

You might need to zip up to the church that is so near, just one short street behind the camera man

You never were a camera man, yet, still, Ivan, you deserved better.



Your opportunity to make your mark as a street poet in Izola

Is evident in the photo to my right

A surprise move                                                   20151027_141827

A different Trinko

Classic, decadent, historic, jaded

Exuding all the charm inherent in an old

Venezian city

Look how the building itself stumbles down

Your lane!

But is there an uglier building in the old town than that drek brown stump before you?

 No: wait! Have you tricked me, philosopher-poet?

Or are you a swine who would have a segment of Gramsci’s street

To make up for what is lacking in your own?

No, Ivan, you have no side street, you merely descend


And rapidly,


You would have us pick up speed, only to zig, to zag, pick up more speed

And then run smack into a wall!

We deserved better.

20151027_141846            20151027_142021

20151027_142046            20151027_142058



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