Barack Don’t Surf: A Knifely Welcome to a Killer


Barack Obama is a USAmerican who won the US presidency, promptly went to speak to the ‘Middle East’, won a Nobel Peace prize, fomented a counter-revolution in Egypt, kept troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, committed war crimes as commander in chief of the US armed forces within days of assuming office, as bombs killed dozens of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He continued his drone atrocities from his first days in office until now, targeting, vaguely, ‘enemies’, killing families, peaceful tribal elders, women, children, young men and women, men without combatant status, and doing so in countries the US was not at war with. He refunded the criminal bankers whose greed was astonishing even to the old-fashioned moneygrubbers in the US, and gave safe haven to every high echelon war criminal from the US who preceded him in office. He kept Guantanamo open, despite his promises not to do so. He failed to halt torture as a CIA and special forces tool.

Barack Obama is a charming man, an intelligent man, a sensitive man; yet he has hounded Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers, done nothing about gun violence and income maldistribution in the US, has softened the edges of US imperialism’s surface while cranking up the murderous engines of vengeance beneath the surface.

Barack Obama is not welcome in my house, not even as a face on a card. My children know of his crimes, and revel in the blade-toss that is pictured here.