Geography Quiz Answers

  1. Vietnam is not as big as Cambodia and Laos combined. I thought it might be, so I made a question of it. The problem is Laos is bigger than it seems.
  2. I have no idea where this question came from, nor what it really means. Existentially, no answer is really correct. But Vanuatu is the answer, and I suggest we all simply forget the whole thing.
  3. This one is important. The Chagos Islands are owned, so to speak by the British and controlled by the US, who wanted it for a base and leased it in the mid-60s from the Brits. The problems was the place was inhabited. As we know from the last hundred plus years, this is not necessarily a problem. The Brits simply removed the islanders, mostly to the Maldives, and they remain a stateless people in any real sense of that term. But the US makes good use of the island, from where they exert much of their global military dominance, particularly from the notorious Diego Garcia.
  4. That first city may not exist–I thought its sounded like a city. But Novi Sad is the central and largest city of Vojvodina, the great overlooked Serbian city of the Pannonian Plain.
  5. There is one far flung Philippine island farther north than Hong Kong. This question meant to highlight the stretch of the Philippines.
  6. Windward and Leeward islands…weren’t we supposed to know these? But how many come to mind, even after hearing their names? Saint Kitts sounds familiar. One of the others is a correct answer as well. Or is it the other way around? Check Google Earth.
  7. Poor Gozo, so much of Malta, so little in our hearts.
  8. The key question here is ‘would’, which makes all answers correct.
  9. This fine question I must admit is not mine, but Martin’s. I knew Kazakhstan was the northernmost, or figured it out quickly, but Comoros? Who would have thought. I looked into it, checking the southernmost Indonesian islands, but true to form Martin was correct.
  10. I love this one. Forget the US States and the correct answer, it is really just a way to emphasize how few double landlocked countries there are in the world. The answer is one or two, depending whether or not you believe in Liechtenstein. I do not. I do, however, believe in Uzbekistan, and in fact will soon be portraying that country here, as the US ally of the year–the last two winners being Iraq and before that Israel, and the year before…well, I can’t remember, but they had one hell of a human rights record.

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