Tsutsugamushi and the Microbial Apocalypse

Bad dreams, bad ideas, bad people, good tics, mites, parasites…sick is well, well is ill, a pail of sick tics down the well wall into the bottomless.

I dream tsutsugamushi–a giant mite on my face as I slumber, or I dream a giant mite on my face as I slumber exposed to the tsutsugamushi flux of the quotidian.

So I googled–I googled (is not this heralding the end?)–microbial apocalypse and second on the list was my own blog, first was a ship in Kazakhstan probably, stranded a few thousand miles from anchorage, or Ankarajastan, but the story was no story, rather an exercise in imagination, imagine a world, imagine a world you awaken to, a world bare of microbes!

Noughtmares, fleet zero horses, riding the tsutsugamushi trail, with flung fruit furrowed into their flesh.

2 comments on “Tsutsugamushi and the Microbial Apocalypse

  1. annainpdx says:

    I thought you were trying to game facebook’s “most used words on FB” word cloud thing by bringing up this weird disease. I went and looked it up though. Weird and horrifying!


    • rickharsch says:

      ‘Game’ isn’t exactly the right word–having fun with, though, works. The model used doesn’t cover all of 2015–it may go back up to two months. But I just wanted to throw in a good work, an old favorite, and watch it rise. I’m just coming of posting a novel on the blog and, well, something to keep it going. Thanks for dropping in.

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